Fire Department Ambulance

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Did You Know?

It takes two certified EMT's to operate our ambulance at all times

Our Ambulance has brought in $468,610.30 since 2009 in revenue from billing patients insurance

Self sufficient, Our ambulance has covered all operating expenses since 2009 start date

Makes a small profit each year after expenses

Ambulance revenue paid for the current 2007 ambulance purchased in 2009 as a left over demo model

Fire department has 17 certified EMT's / four new EMT candidates are testing this week

EMT classes are taught at the fire station, Phillipston fire department members get free seats to take this 4 month course.

We have saved / and made a difference in many residents live's, due to fast response times having two full time day positions while fire department members are all out of Town working.

At night we staff our ambulance with Two on-call EMT's from pm until 5 am

Full time day shift is 6:30 am -3:00 pm

Fire Association raised $12,000 and bought a battery / hydraulic lifting patient stretcher for our ambulance ( less back injuries lifting, safer for the patient)

Four Current EMT'S are taking classes to become Advanced EMT's.

Advanced allows for administration of up to 15 life saving medications, placement of an air way,and Intravenous line placement for fluid bolus and medications.

Its a myth that we are required to hire Full time Advanced providers if we change our license (we simply must provide coverage at the Advanced level.

We have assisted Athol, and Orange when they needed additional ambulances for multiple patient transports

Please call the station if you have any questions or stop by. (978) 249-6302