New Town Office Hours

Starting January 2019
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Starting January 2019, most Town Offices will be opened on Wednesday evenings from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.  This will allow residents to conduct business at several offices during one visit, instead of having to make multiple trips on different days.  Those offices that used to be open Monday nights will switch to the new Wednesday night hours.

“We have been aware how difficult it could be to get your town business done when each department had different office hours,” said Selectboard Chairman John Telepciak. “This will be much more convenient for residents.”

Under the old system, with mixed hours, a resident or applicant for a permit might have to visit the building department one night, the tax collector a second night, and come back another night to another department after that. Now they can go from office to office all on the same trip.

Chief Administrative Officer Kevin Flynn surveyed departments to try to identify which evening hours worked best. “There’s no perfect solution,” Flynn said. “Every night was troublesome for somebody, but Wednesdays seemed to work best for most people.” Mondays were rejected because so many holidays fall on Monday that offices would be closed too many nights. 

Affected offices include:

Affected offices include:

Town Clerk
Town Assessors
Tax Collector
Town Treasurer
Town Accountant
Board of Health
Building Inspector / Wiring / Plumbing / Gas