Cemetery Locations & History

Center Cemetery (also known as Upper Cemetery):

The early 19th century brought additional settlers to the community that increased the need for amenities and services. In 1803, the town purchased land from Zacheus Green along Baldwinville Road for the Center Cemetery, the first town burial ground.

Searles Hill Cemetery:

Located on Searles Hill Road, the Searles Hill Cemetery is the oldest burial site in town, dating back to the Revolutionary War. There are several Revolutionary War Soldiers buried here. The oldest stone is dated 1777.

Valley Cemetery (also known as Lower Cemetery):

Lower Cemetery is located on Athol Road.

Shepherd Cemetery (also known as Royalston Road Cemetery):

The Shepherd Cemetery is located off Royalston Road.

Baldwin Hill Cemetery: 

Baldwin Hill Cemetery is located on Baldwin Hill on Haughton Farm.

Lamb Grave:

Lamb Grave is located on private property on Royalston Road/Highland Avenue and contains a single grave for a small pox victim. This site is not maintained by the town.

Bates Cemetery (decommissioned):

The Bates family cemetery is still noticeable along Blake Corner Road but the graves were moved to the cemetery on Athol Road sometime in the early 20th century. A local family now owns this land and has farmed portions of it for many years.