Notification of Aquatic Treatment of Queen Lake

Queen Lake in Phillipston will be chemically treated with a USEPA/MA registered aquatic herbicide targeting the control of nuisance/invasive aquatic vegetation on Wednesday, June 15, 2022.    The lake will be closed to swimming, boating, fishing and livestock/domestic animal consumption until Thursday, June 16, 2022. Additional restrictions include not using pond water for drinking, cooking, or irrigation of turf or landscape ornamentals until June 18, 2022, and not using pond water for irrigation of food crops or newly seeded turf until June 20, 2022. Temporary signs that warn of the applicable water use restrictions, will be posted around the lake shoreline in advance of treatment.  The work is being performed for the Queen Lake Association, under contract to Water & Wetland, LLC and pursuant to an Order of Conditions permit from the Phillipston Conservation Commission and License to Apply Chemicals permit from MA DEP.