Cold Weather Tips

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Here are some Cold Weather Safety Tips from the American Red Cross:

If you must go outside, dress warmly and layer your clothes. Keep a blanket, a bag of cat litter (for traction) and shovel in your car.

Check on your neighbors and the elderly. Keep pets indoors, and check on livestock.

To prevent pipes from freezing, leave the faucet open slightly to drip or trickle water.

Keep space heaters on a hard level surface at least three feet from anything flammable.  Turn them off when you go to bed or leave the room.

If you use your fireplace, use a glass or metal fire screen to catch embers or rolling logs. Make sure the embers are out before you go to bed.

The stove is for cooking. Never use the stove to heat your home.

Never operate  a generator indoors, including the basement or garage.  Don't connect a generator to the house wiring.  Instead, plug the specific appliance into the generator. 

For emergency help, dial 911.