Cultural Council

Mission Statement and Goals:

The Phillipston Cultural Council supports a variety of programs in our community that promote and foster an appreciation for the arts, humanities and sciences. We are committed to funding a diverse sampling of programs in all of these areas. In the past, we have worked collaboratively with the Phillipston Memorial School and the Narragansett Regional School System, as local artists, entertainers, and organizations to bring quality cultural programs to the families of Phillipston.


  • To cultivate arts, humanities and sciences through cultural and educational experiences fostering artistic expression and appreciation in the visual and performing arts.
  • To develop a supportive and effective working relationship between and among municipal officials, the business community, the arts and civic organizations and the community at large in order to explore ways and means to support the arts within the broader context of the community.
  • To raise awareness of and to facilitate participation in local and regional cultural experiences by providing information and by cooperating with other regional cultural agencies.

An active Cultural Council will contribute in a significant way to support, sustain, develop, and promote all of the arts for all of our citizens. The quality of life is greatly enhanced by the vitality of a community's culture.

Board Members

Name Title
Karissa Moore
Emelda Haughton Member
Nancy MacEwen Member
Stephanie Flynn Member