Zoning Board of Appeals

Mission Statement:

The Phillipston Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) is a board which interprets and applies the town's zoning bylaws. It decides on a case by case basis, requests for variances, special permits and appeals of the decision of the Building Inspector.

The ZBA impartially considers each appeal based on the impact to the town, and requirements set forth in the town's Zoning Bylaws and Chapter 40A of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts General Laws.

The members of the board take on this task to help keep Phillipston the beautiful rural town that it has been come to be known for.

The decision of this board (ZBA) should in no way be construed as setting precedence in anyway. Each case/application is heard and decided upon by its own unique merits, specific special conditions, and hardships at the time and date of the hearing.

*All meetings are held following Robert's Rules of Order

Staff Contacts

Board Members

Name Title
Tom Specht Chair
John Telepciak Member
Anthony Wagner Member
Rick Tenney Alternate Member